Fact time

  • Trading time for money is not sustainable.
  • The number of hours in each day remains at 24 despite how slow or fast they may seem to pass.
  • Logic would therefore dictate that you can only see a certain number of clients within 24 hours.
  • The more you try to cram in, the less time you have to do the things you love, with the ones you love.
  • Your relationships and your productivity will all reach a point of no return, and then what?​

Stop trading time for money and start trading your knowledge for profitability.

You know that in today’s financial climate making additional income from what you already know is a no brainer.

There must be a more efficient way to financial success than working all the hours right?

So how can you help others with what you know? It seems like a good idea, but how do you go about it.

Five years ago I was exhausted. My business was successful, I was fully booked yet I wasn’t earning the kind of money that I wanted to!

There I was working 80 hour weeks and not even making the money I wanted.

One year later I was making over £1m per year and working on average 30 hours a month.

This was because I came to realise I was teaching my one to one clients the same things each time.

So I started learning a lot about recurring revenue. I went through the same worries as everyone – what would I even do a course, membership or programme on?

Why would people buy from me? 

Did I even know enough about anything to make it work? But I loved the idea of waking up to more money in the bank than the night before so I learned everything I could and went for it! 

Just a year later I no longer had to take on one to one clients – now when I do it’s because I love the project and the client rather than because I need the money.

The last few years have left an indelible mark on all of us.

The way we work has shifted permanently, and the value of creating a passive or semi passive income stream, one that is not reliant on the one to one model is becoming a more practical, profitable and achievable model for us all.

Now as the cost of living continues to rise, there has never been a better time to leverage the knowledge that you already possess to increase your income.

Whatever it is that you know, your knowledge is not common knowledge

I want to teach you how to share that knowledge and be profitable at the same time.

There can be no dispute that starting One to Many is the quickest way to make passive income.

Over 90% of my multi 7 figure income comes from recurring revenue streams and I have so much more freedom to spend time with my family – I now spend 2 months every Summer and the whole of December travelling with my kids (unless a pandemic stops me!)

When I wanted to learn about recurring revenue

… and avoid all of the mistakes people regularly make there was nobody who would just tell me what to do – I was having to study what they were doing from the outside and read every book I could get my hands on until I made it work for me. And then I felt like I was only buying parts of the jigsaw puzzle – a programme on audience building, another on content and another on launching!

I realised what people needed was one programme that covered it all step by step

Not only have I been though every single step that I teach in this programme but my successful clients have too

After so many years of teaching this I now know that everyone can make money from their knowledge.

We all know something, its just a matter of extracting that knowledge and creating the best way to share it.

I created One to Many because I knew I wanted to share what I had learnt. I wanted to rid the term Passive Income of the negative connotations that hang over it. It’s crammed with everything I learnt AND implemented that worked so that you can have my steps to success.

I have taught so many people to make money over the past 5 years

Thousands and thousands of people have now been through this programme.

I am so proud to be regularly told that it’s the best business programme there is, with “it changed my life” having become a common phrase in my inbox!

So let’s talk structure, let’s talk process, let’s talk systems and let’s talk patience, planning and the long game, because, speaking from experience, I can assure you that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

But, I have a non-cookie cutter system that has proven time and time again that creating recurring revenue streams is something that we can all achieve.

Everyone has a skill, everyone has something to share.

Your knowledge is not common knowledge.

Your Curriculum

Your Big Idea

  • Week One

It all starts with this. Working out what your recurring revenue idea could be, what has worked in the past and why even those that think they have nothing to offer, always do! If you have knowledge that others want, you can sell it.​

Week One
Week Two

Growing Your Audience

  • Week Two

In this session, you’ll get to know how to find your audience quickly and how to put together a sales funnel to bring only the right audience to you. You’ll find out how it’s all a numbers game and how to start bringing in money quickly using tripwires.

Nurturing Your Audience

  • Week Three

Now you have your audience, I’ll show you the best ways to keep them engaged, how to make sure they become superfans and how to get some quick wins along the way.

We’ll talk lists and how to keep people opening your emails too.

Week Three
Week Four

BONUS: Audience Attraction with Dawni Baxter

  • Week Four

Learn how to build your know, like and trust to enable you to grow your audience of raving fans.


Part lesson, part workshop, Dawni will walk you through how to engage your crowd and then do it with you live!


  • Week Five

Bonus announcement : 30th March 2023

Week Five
Week Six

Writing Your Content

  • Week Six

It’s time to look at what will go into your course, membership or programme and how to break things down in a way that sells. We’ll also look at transformations, extras and bonuses and the different formats your course or membership can take.​

Your Long Form Sales Page

  • Week Seven

We’ll spend this session designing your long form sales page. I’ll tell you why you need one and how to make your sales page one that converts into money.


We’ll talk about the tech needed and what you must make sure is included as well as some tips I’ve picked up along the way that make all the difference​.

Week Seven
Week Eight

Implementation Week

  • Week Eight

Use this week to catch up and get the actions done. I'll be available during office hours to help, along with my associate coaches.

Your Launch Plan

  • Week Nine
Week Nine
Week Ten

Metrics & Systems

  • Week Ten

All of the content in the world could mean nothing without a firm grasp on the numbers you need for success. 


We'll look at what the numbers part of the funnel means when planning your launch, and how important it is to have the systems in place before, during and after your launch when it comes to scaling in the future. 

Recap & Retention

  • Week Eleven

This session will teach you how to keep members loving your membership and how to re-sell your course, membership or programme again and again. We’ll then recap everything you’ve learned so far​.

Week Eleven
Week Twelve

Final Q&A

  • Week Twelve

Our final session will be a Q&A with me, my team and with past students who have implemented the course and are now making recurring revenue so you can ask them how they did it too.

Great Bonuses!

Your lead magnet and funnel built for you

We know that the tech is the bit that stops you getting the results you need and we understand how annoying it can be to then be sold it as an add on, so we’re including it in the course. That’s right – your sales funnel will be done for you.

Your built-for-you funnel will use their proven design, incorporating your messaging and any branding you already have to create a beautiful funnel to attract your ideal audience.  

My tech team build the whole funnel including email set-ups – all DONE FOR YOU. 

We will make sure you are legally compliant for GDPR, give you a FREE theme which usually has an annual cost and provide some beautiful brandboards choices for those who do not yet have any branding, as well as ensuring you have ongoing support throughout the program.

So there should now be no excuses to start making your recurring revenue.

Not only that, but…

My team will also design a lead magnet for each student and host ongoing Canva Clinics to help you with content too!

Choose from 10 design templates.

Back for 2023

I don’t believe that any system works if it’s cookie cutter. After all we’re all different and like different things and ways to do things so this year you will also have access to 12 extra weeks of optional live trainings AFTER the main modules. These include topics such as:

Using LinkedIn to build an audience

Adding dropshipping to your business

Using Instagram to build your audience

Building a Passive Income from Products

Engaged Facebook Groups

Building a subscription box business

Quiz Building for Lead Magnets

Copywriting Masterclass​

Selling to Corporates

Using Video in Your Business

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Business

Gamification for Increased Profit​

Success Stories

When I did OTM I didn’t think it was possible to make passive income in my labour intensive theatre ticket company, but I launched a membership and haven’t looked back since, in fact, I’ve turned over £3m since doing the course.

I also used everything I learned to launch my subscription box and within 12 months had 1000 subscribers and a multi six figure business.

To say OTM changed my life is an understatement!

Lauren Prentice

Since being a part of One To Many I have made over £80k in recurring revenue through online programs, products, subscriptions, drop shipping and other ecommerce projects. Embracing the OTM model has made my finances more stable and allowed me to leave a life that did not fulfil me, to creating the dream life I always wanted for my family and that was to travel indefinitely. We left the UK in 2021 are currently in our 22nd country living our dream! . It has also allowed me to be more fully immersed in my charitable work so it’s literally impact central at NCP HQ! Our next OTM venture launches on the 31st March and I am beyond excited about it and the opportunities it is already bringing us’

I joined OTM so that I could build my own lead magnet! 3 OTMs down and £275K later with £35K from passive income, I am growing and I know what’s possible.

I recently spoke to someone who would love to be in Lisa’s world. My response? To be in Lisa’s world you have to be in Lisa’s world!

When asked once what the return on my investment was with Lisa. I quietly said “I think I owe Lisa money” 🙂 sshhh don’t tell her!

I jumped into One to Many initially because I wanted to learn how to bring more clients into my existing business and to learn how to create an extra stream of income with a course.

It taught me so many fundamental skills that I was missing, particularly on building an email list and Facebook community. Thanks to everything I’ve implemented from the course,

I’ve since gone on to build a successful business as a Sales Coach (creating income of around £40k in 6 months) and establish three growing one-to-many offers for my clients.

Lisa and the One To Many® opened my eyes to a different way to do business. I was previously fully booked as a nutritionist, burned out and exhausted. With OTM I launched a peer-to-peer course, an eBook and workshops which have brought over £25,000 into our business since September 2022. I no longer see nutrition clients one-to-one and instead, make a much bigger impact online by reaching more people with my message. Thanks, Lisa and team!​

Pay In Full Bonus

Immediate access to a selection of courses, masterclasses and toolkits from the best in business

Celinne Da Costa

Premium Pricing That Sells

Learn a straightforward, easily repeatable signature process for raising your rates to 5-figures and beyond so that you can stop undercharging, and instead feel financially nourished and excited to serve clients who can’t wait to buy from you.

Shari Teigman

Unlock Your CEO Mindset

Over these 4 weeks, Shari will take you through her Maverick steps to stepping into your optimal self to scale your business and performance in all ways!


Want to learn my #1 strategy to turn your publicity into sales? Learn how to turn podcast listeners into email subscribers and clients. You’ll learn the key elements of a compelling call to action to drives leads and business your way.


A Toolset To Design Your Best Life

This free toolset is a 7-day workbook designed by Julie Reisler, a certified master life coach and author, with proven tools, practices and activities to help you up level your routine and self-care habits to be your best.

These tools are some of Julie’s best practices used with hundreds of her clients worldwide to help you feel more confident, clear, and connected to your best self so that you feel inspired to take on the world. 


REIGNITE Your Relationship In 30 Days!

In this short 90 min audio class, internationally acclaimed dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder shows you how to bring back the fire and spark in your marriage or relationship, no matter how difficult or MEH things may be feeling with your partner right now.

Sami will show you –

1) What to stop doing that’s not working in your relationship …

2) What you can start doing instead to reignite the spark and attraction, starting as early as tonight.


Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Brand Your Launch

Brand Your Launch is my full step-by-step guide on how to brand your next launch from start to finish. This is your encyclopedia of all the graphics, opt-ins, thank you and sales pages you’ll need to seamlessly brand and execute your launch PLUS a full checklist + Notes section at the end so you can keep track and jot down all your ideas.

Niyc Pidgeon

Sales Scripts

For the first time ever Niyc Pidgeon has released all of her proven sales scripts in one bundle just for you!

The newly updated scripts are going to help you crush more sales in your online coaching business and are the exact scripts Niyc has used to grow her business and make millions of dollars of sales AND help other women make more than $17 million in the last few years too!

Mat Wilson

The Facebook Ads Crash Course

This is a training designed to get you first Facebook campaign up and running all in under 4 hours.

24 Hour Bonus

Book before 10pm (UK) on Tuesday 29th March 2023 and receive my personal feedback on your One To Many® idea.

This bonus is money can’t buy as you’ll get my eyes on your business idea with any suggestions on how to make it even better.

New for 2023

We know that writing things down makes you more focused, gain clarity and get motivated so this year a One To Many® digital planner will be coming your way when you join the course. 

Made to set yourself up for success the planner is the perfect accompaniment to your One To Many® journey.

Bonus Community

You will also gain access to the amazing community that we create in Facebook for your cohort of the course, AND join the private client community exclusive to those who work with me.

So who am I? Well this is my official bio...

Lisa Johnson is a business strategist who makes 90% of her money through passive or semi-passive income streams.
In one launch alone during the global pandemic in 2021 she made £2.5m in a week – earning £1m in the first hour of sales!

After a tough childhood spent in social housing, Lisa went on to have successful careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry.

Her background in overcoming obstacles has helped mould her into a bold, straight talking coach, who is never afraid to be an authentic and outspoken truth teller. 
She has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including The Telegraph, Psychologies, The Guardian and Fast Company

A feature on Lisa in Forbes magazine garnered over a quarter of a million views in a week.

Lisa is a huge believer that everyone can become a success no matter their background, is an ambassador for the charity BulliesOut and is known for her anti-bullying campaigning online.

Lisa lives in Bedfordshire, UK with her husband and twin sons but coaches around the globe.

That’s the official part done but who I really am is someone that has found a way to make business work. I believe that success isn’t true success unless you pull people up with you so I’m passionate about showing you how to do it too.

An amazing team to support you

Dawni Baxter
Dawni Baxter Funnel Lead
Dawni heads up our funnel and freebie team and has been with us since the start. She'll lead you from nothing to a finished funnel in the easiest way possible.
Shelly Shulman
Shelly Shulman Community Manager
Shelly has been through this course every time we have run it - there is nothing she doesn't know. Need an answer? Ask Shelly.
Renee Houstra
Renee Houstra Mindset and Accountability Coach
Renee is here to help you do the things when the course gets hard! She'll be live in the group answering questions every week.

One To Many® is CPD certified, meaning that it has reached the required Continued Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. 

When completed in full, the course is worth 80 CPD points.


one time payment
£ 1,997 one time
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Lisa's Locker
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop


6 x monthly payments
£ 367 today, followed by 5 x monthly payments
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop


11 x monthly payments
£ 197 today, followed by 11 x monthly payments
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop

What Our Students Say


When does the course start and finish?

Orientation takes place on Tuesday 20th April at 8pm BST (UK), and will then take place every Tuesday at 8pm BST (UK) for the subsequent 12 weeks, with OTM University becoming available every week for 12 weeks following the final session.

How long do I have access for?

For the life-time of the course or business, whichever is longer.

What format does the training come in?

The materials will be live group training videos. There are also PDF workbooks so that you can tailor the learning to your own business. Sessions are NOT padded out – I want you to get results so I’ll tell you only what you need to know to get them.

We ensure all sessions are captioned, will be available as an audio only download and have transcriptions too.

What if I can't make the dates?

Attendance is encouraged as questions can then be answered straight away but if there are sessions you can’t make then don’t worry. All modules are recorded and put into your membership area for you to watch when you can. Questions will then be answered in the Facebook group.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the live nature of this course, no refunds are offered.  

Will there be recordings?

All sessions are recorded, captioned and placed in your secure members area within 24 hours of the session.

Can I speak to someone before I buy?

Yes! Book a call with our One To Many® Champions by clicking the button below.


one time payment
£ 1,997 one time
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Lisa's Locker
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop


6 x monthly payments
£ 367 today, followed by 5 x monthly payments
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop


11 x monthly payments
£ 197 today, followed by 11 x monthly payments
  • 24 HOUR BONUS: Lisa's Feedback
  • One to Many Digital Planner
  • Audience Attraction Bonus Workshop